Chef Base Drawers Under Bar Refrigerated Commercial Restaurant Cafe Kitchens

Chef Base Drawers Under Bar Refrigerated Commercial Restaurant Cafe Kitchens

Designed to hold equipment on top, chef bases house the food you’re waiting to prepare right underneath. With ingredients or prepared meals close to your cooking station, you can make your food prep more efficient than ever!

Thanks to the two-in-one design, each chef base offers a durable work top and refrigerator or freezer drawers below. Chef bases allow you to maximize the space in your establishment to make the most of your valuable kitchen space.

A great way to save time and ensure that your staff is working quickly and efficiently, chef bases make it easy to reach for ingredients without having to leave your work station. Because chef bases can accommodate a variety of cooking equipment, you can arrange meats, cheeses, and vegetables in the drawers so you have everything you need to prepare cheese steaks, hamburgers, and breakfast sandwiches!

To maximize the space in your kitchen, chef bases can be used to replace equipment stands in order to utilize the otherwise limited space below stands and tables. While an equipment stand is great for creating work prep stations, it doesn’t provide convenient access to fresh ingredients the same way that a chef base does.
Provides shelf space for pots, pans, and cooking utensils. Typically includes a stainless steel top.
Available in 2, 4, or 6 drawer options, you can store ingredients close at hand in the refrigerator or freezer drawers. Each drawer can hold various configurations of food pans and these units typically feature a stainless steel top.


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